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“my WEDDING art”

Please have a look at our catalogue “ myWEDDINGart “ to dive into the world of art we are providing for the most happiest day in your life becoming an arty exclusive celebration with ARTDIVANO’s assistance and services.

Please contact us for more information and arranging an initial meeting with us.

Interior Design & Art Consultation Packages

We have partnered with the award winning interior design company Beckett Interiors based in Bahrain; combining services of art consultancy and interior design consultancy to create the most impressive all in one results for your corporate or private project.

Please contact us for more information and arranging an initial meeting with us.

Curate Art Events & Performances

We do curate your art event on a corporate or private level as well as helping organizing life art performances for your corporate or private event.
Please contact us for more information and arranging an initial meeting.

Photography Services

We have partnered with the best photographers available in Bahrain to guaranty the highest quality performance taking care of your event photography as well as photography of Wedding Ceremonies and Parties, Corporate and Private Events.

Please contact us for more information and details.

Artist Studio Tours

Please book us for your personal tour to an artist’s studio in Bahrain, having a life painting performance and/or painting session and get inspired by local masters and upcoming talents.

A studio for an artist is an significant, essential and important place. A studio might sometimes look like a pile of rubbish or a mixed-up room, but this is where great creations are born. A artist studio is their most intimate working places.

We believe that you’ve seen lots of the works of below artists in museums and art history books, but the artist himself, and his studio, is often left unseen.

Don’t hesitate do contact us for more details and an informative meeting for customizing and personalizing your tour through the art scene of Bahrain.

Claude Monet

Frida Kahlo

Pablo Picasso

Artwork Customization

In addition to ready and available paintings and artworks we offer the service of customization artworks for corporate and private clients as per your instructions and envisioning of the client in several media either by master artists or upcoming talents.

We are looking forward to receive your contact request for details or booking an initial meeting.

Painting Classes

We are offering painting classes individual and flexible organized and conducted partly academicals at the introduction part and free style complete fitting and customized to your needs and wants; awaking your creative soul in the process. The classes: either in a group or one by one session takes place at artlounge BY marion in Sar/Bahrain.

Please contact us for more details and bookings and connect at instagram with @artloungebymarion

Installation Service

We are providing installation services including secured installation and assisting you with artworks to fix them on the wall or anything else such as sculptures or accessories for the requirements of corporate and private projects.

Please contact us for more details and bookings.


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