The first-step in the art consultation process is the determination of a preliminary budget for the overall art program either for commercial or private clients. Once defined, this estimated budget serves as a guideline to aid in the development of a conceptual vision for the art program for a hotel’s guestrooms or a private residence. We either work on our own expertise or closely with the design team if requested to come up with a general direction for the art as it relates to the overall interior design concept.

For corporate projects such as hotels an Art Program Book is produced digital or in print if required to illustrate the intent of the art concept, and includes a collection of imagery depicting the style and type of art recommended for the hotel’s guestrooms and public areas as well as office spaces.

For requirements of private clients we provide a digital Art Program Presentation to introduce our vision of the general direction of the art concept for a private residence or office space. If requested an Art Program Book printed copy shall be provided.

Once this Art Program Book or Presentation is approved, the art consultation proceeds to the next phase.

“Art is the richest candle by which we enlighten ourselves” – Abbas Yousif


We are based in the Middle East and promote local, regional and international artists. We support the trend to locally artisanal excellent produced art and accessories, which we see as enlightening the lifestyle as well as design concepts as an alternative to mass produced, globally available art and as a local, unique and often more precious alternative.

Therefore we work closely with a diverse number of sources to explore a range of works that incorporates the full gamut of artistic media or searching for the possibility of commissioning artworks which will be customized for a particular project for clients within the Middle East or Internationally.

We begin to select specific artworks for the project by assembling a collection as per our client’s requirements and vision; either corporate or private clients to develop the Final Art Program Book or Presentation. We select and specify unique and original artworks including Paintings and drawings, Calligraphy of Poetry, Sculpture, Photography as well as Fine Art Reproductions in limited or unlimited editions in-house produced at our Archival Print Studio. We also present a selection of finest frames in diverse styles inclusive of secured installation of the artworks.

For corporate projects such as hotels the Final Art Program Book is submitted for client approval; in essence, a comprehensive overview of the collection of artwork that includes a detailed line-item art budget for each artwork. For the project’s public areas (including the lobby/lounge, restaurant, spa, ballroom, and pre-function spaces), Synchronal we assist in coordinating the selection and acquisition of art and accessories for the Mock-Up Room. Once the artwork selections are approved, we facilitate the translation of these works, which are reproduced in quantity, into the hotel’s various guestroom types.


After the Final Art Program Book or Presentation is approved, the procurement process begins.
We initiate all commissioned artworks and proceed with the purchase of existing art and accessories.
We carefully monitor the process of commissioned artworks and if requested select specialty framing concepts for original works or customized presentation styles that will not only accentuate the artwork but also complement the interiors.

We will supervise the “secured” installation of artworks.


  • Artdivano Double Tree Hilton Doha
    Hilton Hotel Doha, 2014/2015

  • Artdivano Art Rotana Bahrain
    Art Rotana, 2013

  • Artdivano Majestic Arjaan by Rotana
    Majestic Arjaan by Rotana, 2011/2012

  • Artdivano Sofitel Bahrain
    Sofitel Hotel Bahrain, 2010/2011

  • Artdivano Durrat Bahrain
    Durrat Al Bahrain

  • Artdivano Riffa Views Bahrain
    Riffa Views

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