Cecile was born in 1970 in France.

She is a self-taught artist and paints mostly on linen canvas using mixed media. She is painting to express herself, extracting ideas, images, thoughts that overwhelm her and she throws them onto the canvas in her own unique style.

She has been exhibiting extensively all around Europe and she is participating regularly on collaborations all around the globe.

“I have a vital need to express myself in this way. So I find my personal balance in a world which challenges me, which beyond me, in which I search for my points of reference.”

She usually is focusing her works by celebrating mankind’s diversity, history, and greatness.

One of her favourite subject is architecture, for it exemplifies numerous past achievements of men.

“Whether my subject is contemporary or older, I try to make my works appear all at the same time to the eye sophisticated and light, ancient and modern, and always engaging. I like things that have lived, that have memories to tell, surfaces covered with patina on which time has left its mark. They are like roots that make me strong and stabilize me in my growth outwards. “

She also is driven towards poetry. They illustrate, tell, reinforce the representations of the idea that she is developing. She is writing her own poetry enhancing the meaning of her works even further and enlightening the viewer to a higher level of understanding and appreciation.

“I need the communion which settles between the canvas and me, the link which occurs through the knife and the brush. The communion has a hold on me which then allows me to unfurl better afterwards. When I paint, I feed my soul. I add meaning to my life. “