Ine Wood was born in the world of scenic splendors of South Africa and has spent the greater part of her life exploring the wonders of Australia and it was then when her appetite for an approach on photography as an art form was awakened.

As a self taught photographer she embraced the photographic opportunities from living and diving into the local life in Canada and Bahrain and developed her photographer skills into a great source of experienced and knowledge use of composition, light and perspective.

Ine actively participated in several group exhibitions in Bahrain and Australia, showcasing her view and interpretation of the local culture, fauna and flora.

Her love of the outdoors unites her passion for capturing so quick fly away moments into permanent memories.

She currently is exploring and experimenting with a keen interest the techniques of possible combinations of her photography images with wider art forms such as hand touched and individually highlighted art prints as well as digital modifications, painting and collage applications which allow her to introduce an even more personal touch into her works.

ARTDIVANO is showcasing her finest and latest art pieces in our gallery and online gallery as limited editions of certified archival art prints with options for worldwide shipping to photo art lovers all around the globe.


“When I look through the lens I see frozen memories and elaborated colors displayed by the beauty of nature. Capturing these moments is invigorating and stimulating at the same time and hope to inspire others to follow the path of photography as a documentary art form too.”