Leanne Marshall was born in South Africa in 1967 and has been living in Bahrain for the last 13 years.

She is a self taught photographer with a fantastic eye for the singular moments and objects around us all.

Leanne loves travel and street photography and loves living on such a photogenic little island where culture, people and traditions all converge has given her the opportunity to capture unique moments and special memories of people and places.

Whether it is dhows, camels, sunsets, people or just the landscapes around her, recording the images is very special to her and we admire her for her great sense of the special and captivating. Her passion lays with the capture of everyday life and situations in a way that is both natural and striking.

Leanne has taken part in group photography exhibitions and her images have been collected by art lovers around the world.

ARTDIVANO is proudly showcasing her series “Doors of Bahrain – Witnesses of the past” as collectable fine art certified archival prints in unlimited editions as well as “myARTbox” in collaboration with -artcouture- as translations of her images into a mixed media home concept.

Both unique art concepts are currently available in our gallery and online gallery with worldwide shipping options.


“I believe that photographic pictures are to be composed in the camera by the eye of the taker at the very moment of the camera click by relying on capturing the very real essence of the subject with very little, or no manipulation of the photograph at all to keep it the natural way and as reality is offering it to us either unchanged or amended and build by humans.“