Marina Zain

Marina Zain was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1967 and works exclusively in the intersection between photography and technology.

A self-taught photographer and being a lawyer as well, she has worked in the IT and creative industries for many years behind the scenes and now for many years on the frontlines exposing herself as an artist to art photographer lovers.

Marina uses her photos as pencil sketches and the starting point from which to develop her abstraction of realism style. Her philosophy is one of experimentation and innovation; hence each piece she creates is a unique image of her personal view of the scene in her original photograph.

Her travels take her to many places across the globe and greatly influence her subject matter, style and use of colour.

Presently residing in the United Kingdom, Marina is a member of both The Royal Photographic Society (UK) and a former member of The Bahrain Fine Arts Society in Manama, where she lived for many years.

Her work has been sold and exhibited in both Bahrain and Malaysia. She has exhibited at the Bahrain Photographic Festival 2017 in Manama alongside several international award-winning photographers.

Her work is collectable affordable art photography being available by ARTDIVANO as archival unlimited editions via our online gallery.


“I love how color and light connects us with our emotions. I try to capture that in my work. I grew up in a colorful tropical environment with vibrant cultures this has influenced how I see the world around me. Everything is brighter and more vivid. Through my use of color and light I try to create an emotional connection and experience for those who view my work. “