We are, Afaf Zainalabedin, a former Banker and Marion Labani, a curator and art consultant.
The passion for art was the initial spark for us, a Bahraini and German National both resident in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to embark on a professional life in art, with art and for art.
Our love for Art has brought us together and enabled us to enjoy and share a life-long journey though the world of Art. Since professionally joining and fusing our love for Art, we have taken “The Passion for Art” to the next level with our knowledge and experience, contributing to the meaning and beauty of our world today and in the future.


We created ARTDIVANO in July 2013 as our brainchild to develop the concept of ART lounge further; a project started in 2008 by Marion Labani to promote local and regional artists mostly to foreigners living or residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
ARTDIVANO now continues with ART lounge’s concept and carries the philosophy into the future, extending our range of services to regional and international clients.
We are passionate about art, enthusiastic about art, love art and believe that art enriches our lifestyle and provides meaning and comfort while we hustle and bustle through our daily activities.
Our motto: “The Passion for Art”, is driven by a strong expertise yet deep emotional approach to Art and a belief that Art without passion is nothing.


We have developed a unique concept in the Middle East by combining Art Consultancy with running a Gallery Space with an in-house Archival Print Studio as well as an Online Gallery.
EXPLORE our art collection in our gallery in Bahrain or online, ENGAGE with us in our archival print services and ENRICH your lifestyle with unique and affordable art for your home or corporate project.
ARTDIVANO’s concept and philosophy is based on taking artworks by Middle Eastern artists and artists who have chosen this region as their home and who are translating the world’s heritage and culture into a unique language of colors and materials onto a new level.
The “DIVAN“ envisions the traditional way of storytelling in the Arab world and so shall ARTDIVANO spread the story of Art by and from the region, carrying tradition from the past into the present and future.
Our Archival Print Studio in Bahrain is offers Fine Art Reproductions by Middle Eastern – and International Artists, all proudly “Made with Passion in Bahrain” to provide a more affordable range of artworks with a lower price tag to art lovers and the like.

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