Sunanda had a successful career to date in fashion, based in London and regularly traveling to Paris and Milan. She is holding a BA of Fashion Design from the Collage of Art in Edinburgh from 1984 and an MA in Fashion Design by the St. Martins School of Art in London in 1987.

She is currently teaching Fashion Design course at the FAD-Dubai Fashion Institute. She is also working as a freelance designer, illustrator and artist her work has been acquired by collectors in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, London, Scotland, Germany, India, Canada and the U.S.

Her life and career took a new turn. In early 2001 it became evident that her son had a disability, and so she began a program of home education, as well as immersing herself in charitable work. She used this time to focus on her art as therapy, and this became the basis of a significant volume of her art works.

“I never look back on that time as ‘down-time’, in fact, it has had the opposite effect. Through working with my son, he offered me a new path and fresh, new ways of thinking. I apply this to my work – in painting, illustration and communication. This has defined who I am today.”
Her book, “ Where is Baloo ?” , an illustrated children’s book, designed specifically for children with special needs, to raise funds for the RIA School in Bahrain was launched in November 2016 and endorsed by HRH The Prince of Wales during his Royal visit to Bahrain.

“Ever since arriving in the Middle East I have become so captivated by the diversity of the region.
After many years working as a fashion designer and illustrator for international fashion brands across Europe, I was drawn to the purposeful, independent women in the region and how they present themselves. I love fabric and the way it reflects who we are, I use fabric to surround the image and the sitter. I want my work to be a visceral experience, through a tactile, sensory approach to art – fabric, cloth and model, all converging into one. Through my fashion background I immerse myself into the deep folds of the fabric, the textures, the colors and the craftsmanship. For me, this provides a unique insight into the personality of the subject and in the case of these women, their strength and independence. “