The Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

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“The Art Brunch”

Book your table at “The Art Brunch” at The Four Seasons Bahrain Bay from the 16th of February until the 23rd of March 2018 from 1pm to 4pm for a special experience with artdivano concept gallery having prepared an arty set up of beautiful works and live performances for you to enjoy


Dates and Schedule; Artists and Category

16th February 2018 Abbas Almosawi          Painting Exh & Live Performance
23rd February 2018 Sunanda Docherty & Cecile Delikouras Painting

Exh only

2nd March     2018 Aliya Hussain Ceramics Exh & Live Performance
9th March     2018           Yusra Ali Drawing Exh & Live Performance
16th March     2018 Abbas Yousif Calligraphy Exh only
23rd March     2018 Thajba Najeeb Painting Exh & Live Performance

16th February 2018
Abbas Almosawi

“The  Historic Bahrain  Souq – 
1001 flavors and spices“

Abbas Almosawi is one of the most recognized and popular artist  Bahrain has to offer.

He is a multi awarded master artist and more then 40 years contributing outstanding art to Bahrain’s art scene.

His Souq Scene Paintings he is known for are perfectly visualizing the world and history of  the Arabic Souq culture where the flavors of the orient have been and still to now to be found.


23th of February 2018
Sunanada Docherty

“ Fashion Art – The Art of Creating Dreams “

Sunanda’s works are dreams in water color or acrylics sometimes mixed with texture mostly created on paper.

With her background in fashion design it is no wonder that she as an artist knows all about how to visualize fashion styles from different cultures and versatile heritage in such a dreamy, mysterious and fairytale like style.

She is a teacher of a private Fashion Institute in Dubai and is as well based in Scotland.

23rd of February 2018
Cecile Delikouras

“ Landmarks of Bahrain “

Cecile”s works are depicting landmarks of Bahrain by being transformed on canvas to ever lasting symbols of the culture, history, past and future of Bahrain .

Her specific technique and beautifully combining the works with her own written poetry makes her art very special and interesting to collect for art lovers and art enthusiasts.

As they are landmarks in Bahrain’s architecture they are signature dishes in Bahrain’s cuisine standing out as classic flavor’s of the Orient.


2nd March 2018
Aliya Hussain

“ The Art of Presenting Food“

Aliya Hussain is ceramic artist with a talent to paint on ceramics by creating beautiful pieces of art for daily life.

She is the winner of the 2nd Al Dana Price in 2017.

Her creations for the Art Brunch are inspiring the Motto: Beautiful Food needs Beautiful Dishes.


9th of March 2018
Yusra Ali

“ The Art of Architecture “

Yusra Ali is an artist who is creating her stunning pieces brushless by using all kind of objects on her hand.

With her background in architecture her designs on paper or canvas are reminders of how beautiful, versatile and yet fragile architectural arrangements are. Just like delicious food creations the parts you choose to come together are the base for a solid ground in the art of architecture as well as in the art of food creations

She is a newcomer in Bahrain already having caught attention with collectors and art lovers alike.


16th of March 2018
Abbas Yousif

“ There is Poetry all around “

Abbas Yousif is a local calligraphic artist for many years designing master pieces of letters and words swirling around the canvas creating poetry on its own right, like the fresh ingredients are the base of a delicious tasty dish.

He is a multi awarded master artist, print maker and writer and since more then 40 years enriching Bahrain’s art scene.

His works have been collected by the Orientals at the British Museum.


23nd March 2018
Thajba Najeeb

“ The Everlasting Scent of Home“

Thajba Najeeb is a painter who is diving into the world of bright colors and stunning color mixtures by expressing her child hood memories in a vivid and organic style.

Her flashy mix of colors and with time explosions of colors on different types of media are a feast for lovers of expressive and emotional art.

She brings out the taste and flavors of a whole world of child hood memories including the dishes her grandma cooked which will be never forgotten.